My Gallery

I love to make things and my main weapon of choice is a crochet hook, but I also love using geeky and retro fabrics on the sewing machine

All the handmade items are made by me and are also designed by me. I also make to order based on your own ideas and designs. I like to try out new designs so there’s usually something new in there 🙂

Below are some of the handmade items. Most are usually in stock.

Here are some of the examples of bespoke orders I have made..

Zombie hate and scarf Child’s zombie hat and scarf. This was made in zombie green acrylic wool white and red stripes, sunning along the scarf to an eyeball and crochet sinews. The hat has 2 zombie eyeballs.
Skull hat and scarf Child’s skull hat and scarf. This was made in a  soft cotton feel acrylic and has skulls on the each end of the scarf and on the front of the hat. The skulls have silver stud eyes. It was made for a tom-boy who didn’t want a girlie girl hat and scarf.
Toddler pom-pom hat and scarf Toddler’s pom-pom hat and scarf. This was made in purple wool with bright pink stripes on the scarf and hat. The scarf had pom-poms on each end. The hat had a pom-pom on the top and there were little pom-poms on the mittens.
Toddler retro beanie Toddler’s retro beanie. This was in bright tomato red wool with a little white flower with a yellow centre. It was made to match a little dress and cardi combo from another shop.
Grey skull beanie Grey skull beanie. This was made in a soft cotton like grey wool. The front had a white skull with silver stud eyes. The skull design has been pretty popular!
Grey union jack beanie Grey union jack hat. This is a beanie in soft cotton feel wool. It was made for a child living abroad in France who wanted a Union Jack in a more muted style.
Purple stripes Kindle cover Purple stripes Kindle cover.This was commissioned as a present for a fan of purple, so it has lots of contrasting purple stripes and a darker purple edging. It was made for a Kindle, but would fit a 7-8 inch tablet
Ear-warmer and mittens Ear-warmer and mittens. This is made in a really soft alpaca and cotton mix wool. The recipient doesn’t like hats and wanted a retro style so the ear-wamer/headband was designed. There are matching flowers on the ear-warmer and fingerless mittens.
Robot tea cosy Robot tea cosy. The recipient of this had seen the robot Kindle cover and wanted a similar design for a tea cosy and this was the result.
P1020090 Owl toilet roll cover. This is a ‘mix and match’ toilet roll cover made for a photo shoot. The photographer wanted to mix and match eyes and beaks and toppers.
P1010614 Small tea cosy. A lady approached me at a fair in Bakewell to ask if I had any smaller tea cosies as her daughter had bought her a little ‘tea for 1’ teapot. I made this to this to fit the smaller teapot and she asked me to make a similar one for her daughter!
P1000040 Princess tiara beanie. This is a princess tiara hat with sequin sparkles for a little girl in France so she could still look like a princess whilst keeping warm 🙂


Give me a shout if you would like something designed and made especially for you.


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