About me

isabella_28_weeksQuirky Purple was set up by me in 2012. Why ‘Quirky Purple’? Well I love purple and I like making quirky little things 🙂

I’d decided to take a bit of a career break and started to do one of my favourite things – mooch around a few secondhand shops. I used to do this as a teenager when I had a real 60s’ obsession. I started to sell a few things online. Then I started to remake and make some handmade things having picked up a crochet hook for this first time in may years – another throwback, but this time to my childhood when I really used to enjoy making things.

I’m also a geek girl at heart and has spent all my working life working in IT, or ‘Computing’ as it was called when I first ventured into the Computer Room. Building websites, intranets and e-commerce sites has been a big part of those roles.

Also there’s another obsession – this time for sci-fi, horror and post-apocalyptic fiction. That’s why there are so many zombies in the shop! If you also have a love of all things zombie then you might want to check out Quirky Zombie

Obviously, due to my geekgirl background, I also consult on or set up websites and social media. Find out more here at Quirky Web.

P1020046In December 2013 I became a new mum and now have a little girl as well as an online shop to look after. This new direction has obviously been quite an inspiration as there are now lots of handmade baby items in the Etsy shop… This, however, doesn’t mean that all the usual quirky crochet such as toilet roll holders and zombie tea cosies have been pushed aside 🙂

We recently moved from Nottingham to the lovely seaside town of Penarth.

I also like to blog and write articles for the local press. You can see some of my other posts here.