Goodbye to disco divas and childhood greats

70s disco greatsLast week I did a post on the 70s – the diverse decade and this week it seems like a couple of my childhood 70s legends have sadly left us – Donna Summer and Robin Gibb.

As a child of the 70s, I remember Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” record in the charts and relished in the fact that it was considered naughty. What I probably didn’t appreciate at that time was what a great (and different) track it was.

Similarly I was at just the right age to love Grease and therefore John Travolta. Which, consequently meant that, as a teenage fan, I had to investigate and therefore love anything else he was involved in. That’s really how I found Saturday Night Fever – yeah I know it was a huge film, but that was the adult world and not the teenage world. I remember going to see a PG version (I think – anyway I could get in at the age of 12/13) of Saturday Night Fever. Boy did that soundtrack sound fab in the cinema!

Even now whenever I hear “Stayin’ Alive” I immediately see John Travola walking down that street, carrying his paint can.

That soundtrack was predominantly the Bee Gees. They were so ‘standoutish’ in the crowd – the voices, harmonies, the catchy tracks and, of course, their look. Due to the film, there were all sorts of set dances that you did to the tracks too – what could be better for a teenager in the days before dance mat games!

I loved that disco fashion too and remember strappy dresses and a lot of metallics – gold and silver. I had one of those tiered ‘gypsy’ skirts and an off the shoulder sort of gathered top to go with it. Plus chunky cords and ‘granny’ shoes. I had one of those long tweed type skirts too. I didn’t have any sort of clothing budget in those days so my wardrobe was pretty small.

I also hasten to add that all this was quickly shoved to the back of my wardrobe as we moved towards of the end of the 70s as I was starting to properly suffer from decade displacement as my obsession with all things 60s and mod had started.

70s disco became a little (secret) guilt pleasure…

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70s – the diverse decade

70s inspirationsOver the last few weeks there has been a 70s documentary on the BBC. I love it. But then again I grew up in the 70s, so there’s also an element of nostalgia.

The 70s is an odd decade for me. When I was a teenager, it was a laughing joke – flares, flower in your hair – no thanks! The 80s seemed really edgy and the 70s just seemed lame. If you liked anything 70s it had to be your guilty little pleasure.

That changed in the 90s. The usual rule of ‘if you wait 20 years it will be fashionable again’ came into play and 70s influences were everywhere.

It was actually a really diverse decade. It had the runoff from the 60s hippy movement, into glam rock, progressive rock, then switch to disco, then a massive shift to punk and new wave. All these genres could be seen in the charts and on Top of the Pops each week. The same with the clothes. Walk around town on a Saturday afternoon and you would see fashion reflecting these music styles.

The 70s has spawned threads of styles in music and in clothes that are still around today. The influences can even be seen on the hight street today. Vintage really is the key to getting the look right though. Mix and match it with some high street looks and you’ll have your own individual style.

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We love the 60s!

Quirky Purple loves the 60s

Yep, that’s right I have a real passion for the 60s. I think I suffer from ‘Decade Displacement’ and should have been a teenager then. I could have experienced the beginnings of the Beatles and all the UK scene and its spread across the world.

Mod would have been happening around me (instead of in the 80s when I discovered it). The Who, The Small Faces, The Yardbirds, The Rolling Stones, soul from the USA – too much to mention.

I could have joined the psychedelic revolution and watched the evolution of bands like the Beatles and the Small Faces. Not to mention all the UK and US garage bands.

To celebrate 60s styling Quirky Purple have just launched their 60s Inspiration board on Pinterest – you can jump over to it here:

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