Tangled wool solution – recycled, fantastic, elastic bands!

I have finally found a good use for something that I avidly save rather than throwing away… OK, I don’t like to throw things away. Fact. I buy spring onions from the local supermarket and they always have a blue elastic band holding them together. I always, always save these little elastic bands. My kitchen rammel draw is full of the little things. It’s handy to have elastic bands at hand, but I have lots of them!

I’ve used them occasionally in crochet, if I need some elastic. But there are still lots of them, just sitting there, looking for a new purpose.

Zombie tea cosyToday I had some free time so decided to have a bit of a tidy up. I have a box in which I store my almost finished/just started projects. So if I’ve just sold a zombie tea cosy, then I’ll start to make up a new one, so its all ready to go when the next person wants to give one of my little zombies a new home. The problem is, I very often get side-tracked, either by a new order, or something else I’d just like to try out… yes, you’ve guessed it – this box is bursting at the seams and has lots of wool in there. Lots of little bits of wool that I use for finishing off.

Because I keep stuffing things in there, then rummaging around for some half-finished piece of work, the bits of wool continuously get tangled. It’s annoying.

Well I sorted it out today. Moved out the wool I’m not actually using and put it in one of the wool boxes and then attempted to tackled the ‘tangle’. Basically it’s lots of those small balls of wool. All tangled together. Again.

Wool boxSo, this is where I had the light bulb moment. I popped one of my fantastic elastic bands around each the little balls. Job’s a good ‘un. The wool isn’t tangled, and I get to use something that I felt like I was hoarding because I couldn’t bear to throw stuff away that should be useful 🙂

Oh, there are still quite a few of these elastic bands left, so I either find another use, of just simply buy more wool…

It’s Earth Day today – recycle, re-use, replenish, restore, reduce,re-make, revive!

Earth Day 2013As most of you know, I love a bit of recycling and don’t like to throw anything away as there’s always a use for it. It might be an entirely different use, and it may end up nothing like it origianlly started as, but its better than chucking it!

So, it surprised me that I didn’t know it was Earth Day until I say a couple of people Twitter about it, so I looked it up.

To celebrate it I’m not going to recycle an old blog :), but tell you about three things I’ve been applying a spot of ‘RE’ too.

1. With the weather being nicer we’ve been able to get down to the allotment. I grew loads of Jeruselum artichokes last year and with the rain we had, the flower stalks grew to about 12 feet. I’ve chopped them all down and they will be reused as bean poles next week.

2. The tortoises need a secure and safe outdoor area for when the summer finally arrives. We’ve been making one out of some old pallets that a friend gave us and an old wooden children’s sand pit from another friend. We found an old piece of glass from a window frame in our cellar and that’s going to be their conservatory.

3. We made some soup. In our fridge we had some veg starting to go past its best, so it’s been turned into soup. There was even a little bit of leftover saag aloo to add some extra flavour to it. Of course all the peelings go into the box for composting at the allotment.

What 3 things can you do to recycle, re-use, replenish, restore or reduce?