Silver for summer

Silver looks great in the summer. It can be anything in silver, even just a little bit, that will catch the sun and give that added sparkle to an outfit.

Some jewellery or a belt or some shoes. It will all add that little bit of ooomph!

It can really help you dress up an outfit on holiday and allow you loads of flexiblity with just a small capsule suitcase.

Quirky Purple have some great items for sale on eBay that have that little bit of sparkle. It’s even great in our current rainy, dull British summer days as it will just cheer you up.

Silver goodies from Quirky Purple






Also, don’t forget silver is not just for summer – it’s a true cross-season colour. If you buy now, you’ll find you’re still using these pieces for your Christmas wardrobe!

Quirky Purple logoYou can pick up these great bargains from our eBay site at:


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