More tea vicar?

Well I think I’ve been affected by all the Jubilee celebrations and talk of tea parties that seems to have recently dominated the news. Tea cosies came to mind and now I think I may be going crochet crazy!

Crochet toilet paper coverMy mum tried to teach me to knit what I was little but I just never got on with it. In the 70s crochet was all the rage and everything was crocheted – who can remember the crochet dolls to sit on top of the spare toilet roll, never mind why everyone had one??? I’ve even seen patterns for wedding dresses. Well, my mum made clothes for my Action Girl (the sailor suit was my personal favourite) and then started to make those granny squares and I joined in. Before we knew it we had a throw, a bedspread and a blanket for the dog.

So, Quirky Purple have just posted up their first set of handmade crochet items. We have a new range of tea cosies and more designs will follow. Below are the current ones for sale on the online shop, but you can request different colours etc here

Handmade crochet tea cosies

You don’t have to like tea to like cosies – we’ve got coffee cosies too! Again you can request different colours etc. How cute is the espresso set??

Handmade crochet coffee cosies

Quirky Purple logoAbove is just an example of some of the things we have  for sale on our eBay site – stock changes daily. Check us out!


3 thoughts on “More tea vicar?

  1. When I was growing up, on the top of the toilet tank was a little doll wearing a bright pink crocheted dress, the legs of which slipped into the toilet paper roll, and the skirt of which covered the roll of toilet paper. Your blue dressed doll/toilet paper roll cover brought this to mind!

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